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Law School Admission

Creating a Good Impression

Academic records, essays and interviews all affect how you will be viewed by the law school admissions board. What you wear, how you communicate and why you want to be a lawyer are all considered. Pay attention to the questions posed on paper and in person. Answer them directly and succinctly. Be honest and don’t try to hide the truth. Turn in all items on time, completed as requested and with neatness. For an interview, dress appropriately and don’t be late.


Have a plan for how you plan to pay for college. Gaining acceptance to the law school of your choice means little if you can’t attend. There are several ways to pay for school. Many students use a mixture of them to afford tuition, living expenses and class materials. A law school student loan is one possibility. It can be secured through the federal government, the school or through a private loan. Choose carefully where to apply. Each school application costs money, so if you can’t possibly gain admission because certain requirements aren’t met, don’t bother sending in an application. If you are limited to how many schools you can afford to send in applications for, consider using money from an educational loan.

Choosing a College

Simply because a university has a solid reputation or a family member went there, it doesn’t mean you should automatically attend. The right atmosphere, location, price tag, academic standing and educational philosophy are all serious considerations for potential students. Before attending an interview or filling out an application and writing an essay, do some research on the university. Find out what they place high on their list of credentials. Some are more concerned with grades, while others have strict limitations on LSAT scores. They may want to know why you want to attend their institution in particular, as opposed to attending other schools. Have a valid answer ready.