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Important School Locations

Teacher’s Lounge – This is where you can claim Sanctuary just like Quasimodo in Notre Dame. This room will usually serve only a certain amount of functions. It’s where teachers can eat, fill up their coffee cup, and keep their lunch cold in the refrigerator. The menagerie of things you will witness here will make your head spin. All of the venting takes place here, as well as arguments, and inappropriate lunchtime gossip, no room is as interesting or potentially dangerous. It is the one place you can turn to in order to be in a room full of adults and you won’t have anyone calling you by your surname for a quick respite each day.

Copy Room – You will come to love the copy room more than any other. You will also come to hate it more than any other. When the copy machine is working, your life will go smoothly as it churns out the lesson plan that you meticulously drafted including the handout for the kids. When the copy machine is mangling that same lesson plan, or when there isn’t a scrap of paper available to print that lesson plan onto, your life will pause for a moment as you clear the jam or locate a ream of white paper.

Media Center or Computer Room – You will want to know exactly where this is located so that you can inject a little bit of razzle-dazzle into your lessons. In the world of viral YouTube videos you have to vie for your kids attention and they are used to visual stimulation. Rote memorization rarely works, and they will really appreciate it if you find a meaningful piece of media that contributes well to the lesson and helps them relate.