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All about Sunday School

First, check the school grounds to make sure that there are no safety hazards. Playgrounds, gymnasiums, science labs, and classrooms can be full of potential hazards. Talk with teachers to help them make their classrooms safe.

Next, consider training some older students to be a school safety patrol. They can be instructed to intercept unsafe behavior of students. They can be taught how to help smaller students with potentially dangerous situations. They can also be taught how to watch for and report dangers on the grounds of the school. These school safety patrol participants can rotate to allow many students the chance to participate.

Remember to put school safety protocols in place to help students to be as safe as possible when they are being picked up from school. Students should not be allowed to leave with someone other than their parents or legal guardians unless they have a signed note from the guardian. Students who ride buses need to be let off only at their designated bus stops.

Remember, school safety is the responsibility of everyone involved with a school. If all staff members, parents, and students work together to make a school as safe as possible, then the students can enjoy their time at school and get the most out of their educational experience.