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Monthly Archives: August 2017

Your Child Needs More than Play when the Cat’s Away

The days are quickly counting down to the return to school.  Along with the list of supplies your student is bound to need, such as paper, calculators, backpacks, and other basics is care.  If you have a child who needs afterschool care, or special needs care, this can weigh heavily on your mind.  After all, if you can’t be home when they arrive from school who will be?  They should have someone there they can talk to about their day, someone to keep them safe from cyber bullies and make sure they get their homework done.  You hear so many stories of people who are worriedbecause they can’t provide a safe environment for their children after school.  They say, “when the cat’s away, the mice will play.”  For too many students who are unsupervised, video games are much more funthan writing a book report.  When you need childcare, there are options online and one of the best is

Years ago, it would have been unheard of to hire someone from an online source to come into your home and keep your children.   However, as we’ve become more acclimated to shopping for everything from books to cars to spouses, studies show that the public is more likely to use a company that carefully vets the people they allow on their site.  This is the case with  Their process may be highly sophisticated, but they use good old fashioned common sense when it comes to posting a personal profile of a potential babysitter.  When you use, you can be sure they have thoroughly researched the background, history and character of each person.  They must be properly licensed, trained, certified and qualified to make the ranks.  And adheres to local regulations and requirements including monitoring of police and health records.  This is not a situation you want to rush, you’ll have ample time to read the reviews to help you choose the provider who’ll best fit the special services you need.  And you can do so right from your smart phone.  No taking off time from work to interview potential matches until you’re ready.  Then, you can schedule an interview to make sure there’s a good fit.

Furthermore, you can search Groupon and find a code good for a discount on their services to help make your childcare needs more affordable.  Soif you need part time care, daycare, or even senior care, let provide the leads you need.